Celtics Clippers Trade? and Other News!

The Los Angeles Clippers are still searching for a coach as they try to find the right guy to lead the team toward a title and convince Chris Paul to re-sign with the organization. Brian Shaw and Lionel Hollins have been the two leading candidates as of late, but news came over the weekend that the Boston Celtics might be willing to essentially trade coach Doc Rivers with Kevin Garnett to the Clippers.
It looked like talks had stalled after the Celtics held firm that Eric Bledsoe be included in the deal and the Clippers declined, instead opting for revisiting the possibility of hiring Shaw or Hollins as their coach. But Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports is reporting the talks are still ongoing and the Celtics are trying to find a way to receive Bledsoe while still finding an extra asset to give to the Clippers for compensation.
The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers are discussing possible compromises to including guard Eric Bledsoe into the Kevin Garnett-Doc Rivers deal with hopes of completing an agreement on Monday, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.
Discussions over a blockbuster deal reached an impasse on Saturday when Boston general manager Danny Ainge held firm that Bledsoe had to be a part of package that included DeAndre Jordan and a first-round pick, but sources say that Boston has shown a willingness to find another asset to supplant Bledsoe and complete the complicated deal, sources said.
This would certainly be a historic move and one that could theoretically turn the Clippers back into a serious title contender, like some thought they were before the playoffs began. While losing Bledsoe and Jordan would be big subtractions, the Clippers’ rotation last season often gave inconsistent minutes to those two promising young players. Replacing Jordan with Garnett and finding a backup point guard to spell Paul wouldn’t be that bad of an option, especially when you factor in that Rivers would be replacing Vinny Del Negro on the sidelines.
It’s just a matter of how much the Clippers really do value Bledsoe and what they’ll demand in return. Bledsoe can play next to Paul in the backcourt if the team is willing to go small, but re-signing CP3 means there isn’t a future there for Bledsoe down the line. And that means they’d have to flip him for maximum value sooner rather than later, since potential trade partners would be aware of a lack of leverage the team would hold with Bledsoe when it’s the deadline to make a deal with or for him.

In other News….. 5 Years ago the Celtics Raised Banner #17!


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