Spurs 84-103 Heat

After playing neck and neck majority of the game. The Heat find a way to make a strong push giving them all the momentum needed.

We didn’t lose any games at home,” Bosh said. “Dropping one on your home floor in the opening is a tough pill to swallow, but it’s our reality.”

The turnovers and missed shots had a key figure in this quarter. The Heat immediately starting driving and dishing it out for 3’s that they would make. Defense was the key in this game.

“For some reason when our backs are against the wall, we really respond appropriately and that kind of propels us through the rest of the series,” Bosh said. “Maybe when we look back on this we’ll say losing Game 1 was the best thing that could happen to us.”


The Heat have scored 7 points on drives to the basket by Dwyane Wade (3-5 FG), after scoring 4 points on his drives in Game 1 (2-8 FG).

Series tied 1-1

-Aquantis Saunders


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