Bulls vs Heat

Okay so this angers me out of my mind.

First off, Dennis Rodman is better than Birdman in EVERY aspect of the game and they shouldn’t even be compared. Birdman is just there for height and shotblocking ability. Rodman was a game changer, a SF that averaged SEVENTEEN REBOUNDS, and one of the best defensive players the game has seen. Rodman was a game changer. Birdman is someone they picked off the street doing meth.

Next, I would never DARE to call Scottie Pippen a sidekick. I have a lot of respect for Dwyane Wade, even with my dislike of the Miami Heat, but I would call Scottie Pippen more of a partner. A sidekick is something that you would call someone much lower than you, like a helper. Now I’m not saying Dwyane Wade is either, Dwyane Wade isn’t a sidekick. The whole sidekick portion of it is completely wrong.

LASTLY, Michael Jordan and LeBron shouldn’t be compared.
I don’t want to go on about the Leader portion knowing how eager you fans get about LeBron.
NBA Memes You have gone wrong my friend. WRONG.
Credit to Yanni From NBA Gold


-Gaashaan Yusuf


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