One Pick, One Trade, One Free Agent… Let’s Play!

Credit: BringBackWalter
Right, so this is a game that some friends and I were playing the other day, and I think it might be fun on here. So allow me to explain the rules.

A lot of times Offseason’s aren’t the big, glamorous occasions we fans wish they would be, a lot of times there’s just a few minor trades made by any given team. In the hopes of getting better for the next season. Hence you have one Draft pick, one trade, and one free agent pickup. Put yourself in Danny Ainge’s shoes. You’ve got some decisions to make this offseason, but don’t have a lot of cap room, just a MLE. You don’t have an especially great draft pick (16th.) And while you have some decent trade pieces, will you be willing to part with them in order to bring in upper echelon talent? These are the questions you are faced with…

So you have the 16th pick in the draft, your first challenge is which player do you draft with it (I know they have a second round pick, but let’s ignore that)? Secondly, you have a Mid-Level Exception who will you sign with it out of Free Agency? And finally, you have one trade you are allowed to make. I know arguably, the Celtics could make more then one move, but let’s say you can only make one trade? What player is so important to the Celtic’s chances that you’d make that trade above all else.

So there you have it, that’s your challenge. To end, I ask that we keep this realistic please, Howard won’t sign for a MLE, you can’t trade Brandon Bass for John Wall even though the salaries match, and Nerlens Noel will not be around at pick 16. Thanks for playing, and here’s my one pick, one trade, and one Free Agent.

Draft Pick: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope


Celtics Get: Ian Mahinmi

Pacers Get: Courtney Lee

Free Agent: Jarret Jack or D. J. Augustin, whichever is available for my MLE.

So this leave’s the C’s looking like this:

C- KG/Mahinmi/Shav

PF- Sully/Bass/Shav/White

SF- PP/Green/Williams

SG- Caldwell-Pope/Bradley/JET

PG- Rondo/Augustin (or Jack)/ Have Williams play some as well.

Those are my ideas, I think their realistic, and they keep PP and KG for one more go.
By: Gaashaan Yusuf


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